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Polyamide adhesive C1429.2

Advantages and equipment features

For use in the roof tile industry as spacer or scratch protection for concrete roof tiles with anti-soiling coating, glazing or varnish on the upper side of the tile.

  • Short open time
  • Very short setting time
  • High blocking resistance


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Adhesive basis Polyamide
Delivery Forms Granules
Processing temperature 180° C

Application Areas

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Note: Slight colour variations may occur with adhesives, depending on the raw materials and processes used.    

Brittle-rigid adhesive with short open time and very good flow properties.

The adhesive is applied to the underside of the roof tile. The adhesive provides reliable scratch protection during storage and transport, even in summer. There is no transfer of adhesive or shadow formation on the upper side of the roof tile.

Low viscosity and therefore easier to process with lower processing temperature.

Type Basis Delivery form Appropriate application techniques
C41429 Polyamide Granules Pneumatic glue guns,
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