Co-PackingBusinesses and consumers have long since become accustomed to fast deliveries and even same-day delivery. And a smooth returns service goes without saying. Factors like these play a big role in the success of a business.

But not every company has the necessary storage capacity, time or staff to meet these requirements. They pass these activities on to other companies that specialise in them. This has allowed the development of an important branch of industry that uses its expertise in precisely this area. External service providers ensure greater efficiency in warehousing, shipping and returns management. Often, at the end of the day, it involves a box, a package or a display in which hot melt adhesives play a major role.

In the development of these logistics services a number of keywords have emerged, some of which will be briefly explained here:

Co-packing is a solution in which products are packaged, repackaged or added to another product on behalf of the customer and under their label. This type of outsourcing is widely used in the packaging of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The premier class in this sector is contract logistics . Here, both parties enter into longer-term partnerships. Specialist forwarding and logistics companies are expected to continue to enjoy high growth rates in this area. In addition to basic logistics activities, the service provider also takes over billing, simple assembly work and quality checks:

Umverpackung BUEHNENAssembly activities may include the manufacture and assembly of displays . These sales stands are used for product presentation, and are usually relatively stiff, as they are folded when they are set up. The high restoring forces that act on the folds must be absorbed by the adhesive to prevent the folds springing back. These forces are involved in many packaging materials, such as corrugated board or cardboard.

If the hot glue is applied by hand - e.g. with an HB 220 hot glue gun or an HB 910 hand tool  - the adhesive’s cure time must be adjusted to the length of the glued section. The hot melt adhesive must still provide good adhesion with a fast and high cohesion build-up once all the glue dots, areas or lines have been applied. A suitable adhesive here is EVA type 1289, available as a glue stick, but also in cartridge form or as granules. For more difficult - e.g. painted - surfaces, 3028 adhesive is the right product. This EVA based hot melt adhesive is elastic and has a good low-temperature flexibility. The raw materials used comply with FDA Regulation 175.105 for the outer packaging of food.

Our short video shows you how this type of display bonding works.

Most packaging service providers are faced with constantly changing requirements and product ranges. These businesses have a high level of technical expertise and many years of experience in designing and implementing packaging solutions for their customers. BÜHNEN can assist here, offering reliable advice to ensure that the bonding process is both efficient and tailored to the customer’s needs.