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  • Jan Hunke onboard as second managing director

BÜHNEN LogoOver the last 25 years, BÜHNEN GmbH & Co. KG has very successfully become a specialist in hot-melt adhesives. Our strength lies in being able to offer our customers comprehensive solutions to all kinds of complex applications. The company wants to keep this success story going well into the future, and must thus ensure that the rising challenges are taken into account, including at an HR level.
One very important driving force behind the BÜHNEN success story is Hans-Gerhard Hartje, who has been onboard and successfully managed his sales team for almost 40 years.

Hans-Gerhard HartjeHans-Gerhard Hartje: “BÜHNEN’s strength lies in its staff, with their excellent skills, customer focus and great flexibility. It’s been a lot of fun to be part of this crew all these years. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the customer, for the very pleasant and trustworthy partnership over these years!”

Mr. Hartje transferred his operational responsibility to his successor, Jan Hunke, on 31.03.2018, and will continue to be on hand to advise Mr Hunke until 30.06.2018.

The management board threw a small party to sincerely thank Mr Hartje on behalf of the workers and shareholder for the outstanding services he has rendered for the company. BÜHNEN would certainly not have been able to achieve the strong market position it holds today without Hans-Gerhard Hartje.


Hans-Gerhard HartjeBert Gausepohl: “I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend many years working with Mr Hartje, and wish him all the best for his retirement and future. I look forward to working with Mr Hunke as a new management colleague. Together with the rest of the BÜHNEN team, we’ll continue writing our success story.”

Mr Jan Hunke has also been acting as an additional managing director at BÜHNEN alongside Mr Gausepohl since 01.04.2018. In doing so, he has taken on Mr Hartje’s tasks, and additionally runs the Sales and Marketing division. Mr Hunke has many years of experience in the hot-melt adhesive industry, making him the ideal candidate for this role.

Hans-Gerhard HartjeJan Hunke: “I am very much looking forward to my new role at BÜHNEN in Bremen. I see the company has been excellently positioned and perfectly equipped for the future, allowing us to keep offering our customers excellent advice and support.”