May 2018 will see a 50,000-strong bee colony move into the garden area of our Bremen headquarters.

As you may have read in media reports, the world’s honey-bee population has been on the decline for many years. In Germany alone, the number of bee colonies has dropped by 30% from around 1.1 million to approximately 700,000 since 1990. There are many reasons why the bees are dying: Pesticides, monocultures, mites and parasites all heavily deplete bee populations.

And these days, species extinction is occurring up to 1000 times faster than evolutionary loss. And yet bees generate approx. 2.5 billion Euros for the economy in Germany alone. So it’s no surprise that, after cattle and pigs, bees are the most important livestock for humans worldwide.

tote Biene

The bee colony will be looked after by a professional beekeeper who will visit regularly. We worked together to determine where the bee colony would be set up on our grounds.

The bees will have ample opportunity to collect pollen at our premises and in the immediate vicinity. The collected honey will be harvested every autumn.

Bienen Kreislauf

We’ll keep you updated on how “our” BÜHNEN bees are going every so often in our newsletters.