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Adhesive Solutions for the Concrete Industry

Klebstoffe für Beton

The use of hot melt adhesives in the concrete industry considerably optimises the production process. Components for recesses in prefabricated components (e.g. for electrical sockets) can be rapidly and easily fixed on the casing and can then be removed from the concrete element with no residues once it is finished. There is no need to use magnets or adhesive tape.

The two new hot melts B42635 and B42372 complete the BÜHNEN product range for use in this field. They have outstanding adhesive qualities and are particularly suitable for working with water based release agents. Depending on the production process, the B42372 can be used for shorter production times or if more time is needed, the B42635 product can be used.

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Both hot melts are available in pillow format and are thus suitable for working with pneumatic glue guns such as the BÜHNEN HB 710 or for use in our series HB5000 and HB6000 tank installations.

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