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  • Ideal for Frozen Foods: Hot Melt Adhesive avenia B42507

Ideal for Frozen Foods: Hot Melt Adhesive avenia B42507

Tiefkühlverpackungen klebenThe frozen pizza is favourite snack – and not just when you’re watching the football. But who wants to stick a pizza in the oven when its packaging has come open while it’s still in the freezer? Probably no-one.

Adhesives for frozen food packaging must be absolutely reliable at subzero temperatures. Ideally suitable for this is for example our new avenia B42507. Packaging sealed with it can reliably stand temperatures as low as -20°C.

The avenia B42507, available in granulate form, doesn’t just excel in its flexibility with cold temperatures.

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  • It is suitable for more “difficult” surfaces, such as coated, lacquered or printed boxes.
  • With a longer open time and very short curing time, it is ideally suited to packaging applications where for example a higher resilience of packaging needs to be taken into account.
  • The metallocene-catalysed adhesive has a polyolefin (PO) base which makes it extremely resistant to oxidation and gives it high performance.


Added to this are, of course, all the advantages which already distinguish our avenia hot melt adhesive.