BÜHNEN takes over Termolan Sp. z o.o

BÜHNEN is pleased to inform you that on 10 December 2015, Mr. Slawomir Lange and Mr. Bogdan Lukaszuk sold all their shares in Termolan Sp. z o.o. to BÜHNEN International GmbH. This also encompasses all of Termolan CZ s.r.o.'s business activities in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Termolan will therefore become a fully-fledged part of the Bühnen Group, which is in the process of becoming the market leader for hot melt adhesives in Central and Eastern Europe, having taken over the activities of the Aerden Group in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia in mid-2015.

Family-runned companies with the same values

Termolan PolenSlawomir Lange and Bogdan Lukaszuk, both of whom founded Termolan in 2002, are delighted to have found an ideal candidate in the BÜHNEN Company to continue to manage and further develop their company on a long-term basis. Both companies are family-run and as well as sharing a business model, they share the same values and a similar corporate culture. Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction plays a key role in this. Having sold their shares, the former owners are in a position to give their full attention to their core business, the Lange Lukaszuk Company.

BÜHNEN strengthen its market presence in Poland

In turn, BÜHNEN will be able to strengthen its market presence significantly in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Termolan as an additional member of the group of companies. It will therefore be possible to offer all customers in these markets a more extensive product range, with additional services such as increased technical consultancy from the in-house laboratory.