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  • Polyamide hot melt adhesives on the basis of renewable raw materials

Polyamide hot melt adhesives on the basis of renewable raw materials

Raps Resource-caring handling and sustainability of products used are possible even when using melt adhesives. Manufactured from renewable raw materials such as Diemer fatty acids from castor oil and rapeseed oil, polyamides (PA) show the characteristics of excellent melt adhesives even when unformulated. PA melt adhesives are mostly used in sectors with high requirements: for example when assembling technical components, electronics assembly, automobile construction and shoe production.

Many polyamides have an extremely high heat resistance (up to 180°C) depending on their viscosity, and all this at excellent low-temperature resistance. Specially developed types pass the tests carried out in the automobile sector at temperatures of between -35 and +135°C.

Special polyamides, for example our Type C0460, are even resistant to chemicals in chemical cleaners and are therefore extremely suitable for use with textiles. The flame-retarding properties of many polyamides can be used where other melt adhesives have to be made flame-retarding with extremely costly procedures.

Special properties require a little more attention.

When processing polyamides, you should take certain conditions into account:

For example, polyamides should be stored completely free of moisture before use since they can absorb between 0.1 and 2% water within 24 hours. For this reason polyamides are supplied in special moisture-proof packages. Once opened, the leftovers should be stored in a moisture-proof container.

If these conditions are not observed during storage, foam can be created during melting once the water starts to evaporate above 100°C. This does not immediately affect the quality of the bonding, but does affect the adhesive application; this can become "unclean" due to the above and therefore indirectly affect the bonding quality.

We also recommend that you use application devices fitted with a gear pump if you want to make precise application due to the sometimes high viscosity of PA melt adhesives.

Advantages of melt adhesives based on PA
  • Many PA-based adhesives have a high heat resistance at simultaneous cold flexibility
  • PA adhesives are predominantly resistant to many chemicals
  • Flame-retardant properties possible