KlebstoffberatungIn the case of adhesives and substrates, the following question is always important: "Will the connection last?" - and for this reason, the glue adviser is not that different from a contact exchange. You can search for two materials and the glue adviser will propose a basic selection. Please read our main text to find out how you can find the matching hot adhesive partner for your substrate.

A new project is starting up, and you want to put the cornerstones together. In this case, the adhesive selector on our homepage can help: you can make an online selection from a predefined selection of materials. The online adviser then proposes a list of selected hot melt adhesives to match.

The adhesive selector is intended to help you move towards the project solution. In the first stage, you can get information in advance quickly. Using this basic knowledge, you can then make use of personal advice from our product management in the second stage.

You can assess the requirements together, and possible alternatives can be discussed. Our product management helps you to recognise risk factors and limit defect causes in advance.

You can find the adhesive selector here and together with personal advice, the connection will last forever. Or the product becomes a "chapter-in-life-companion" - whatever you prefer.