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Swivel application head B402-84V, Bead

Advantages and equipment features

The B402-84V application head has two individually swivelling modules. These enable an adjustable bead spacing of 14 – 60 mm.

  • Compatible with Nordson, Robatech and BÜHNEN
  • For dot and bead application
  • Variable adjustment of the module (swivelling)


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Heating capacity 300 W
Temperature range 200 °C
Max. Pressure 100 bar
Dimensions 105 x 84 x 171 mm
Nozzle thread 3/8'' UNF
Number of Modules 2

Application Areas

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The use of swivel heads is particularly recommended for small series production. The production line can be adapted to new conditions with a minimum of effort. The rotation of the modules allows bead spacing of a few millimetres to several centimetres.

The swivel application head has rotating mounted B400 modules, so that the nozzle tip spacing can be individually adjusted. These enable an adjustable bead spacing of 14 - 60 mm (depending on the distance to the substrate).

The modules are air-opening and spring-closing. The two modules can be controlled individually by means of separate solenoid valves. Solenoid valves and nozzles are available separately.  

B402-84V can be used for spot and bead application. 

These are available to order in different versions compatible with BÜHNEN, Nordson or Robatech.

Article number Description Sensor Compatible with Reference No.
NKT0265 Application head B402/84-V Ni120 Nordson  
RKT0959 Application head B402/84-V-RB NTC Robatech  
FCH0481 Application head B402/84-V PT100 Bühnen  
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