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Brass nozzle MS-VA

Advantages and equipment features

Standard brass nozzle with inserted capillary made of stainless steel

  • Inserted capillary made of stainless steel
  • Capillary lengths: 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm
  • Compatible with Nordson (H200 / H400 / SolidBlue / MiniBlue series)
  • Compatible with Robatech, ITW- Dynatec (Micro)


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Tread UNF 3/8“
Diameter 0.2 – 1.2 mm

Application Areas

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The standard nozzle MS-VA is made of brass with an inserted stainless steel capillary.

The capillary is available in lengths of 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm. The MS-VA brass nozzle is compatible with the Nordson-Saturn nozzle with the coloured rings of the H200 / H400 / SolidBlue / MiniBlue series, as well as Robatech, ITW- Dynatec (Micro) and the BÜHNEN bead application heads.

>Article No. Designation Capillary length
NKT0110 Nozzle MS-VA 0.20 mm 2.5 mm
NKT0111 Nozzle MS-VA 0.25 mm 2.5 mm
NKT0112 Nozzle MS-VA 0.30 mm 2.5 mm
NKT0113 Nozzle MS-VA 0.35 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0114 Nozzle MS-VA 0.40 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0115 Nozzle MS-VA 0.45 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0116 Nozzle MS-VA 0.50 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0117 Nozzle MS-VA 0.55 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0118 Nozzle MS-VA 0.60 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0119 Nozzle MS-VA 0.70 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0120 Nozzle MS-VA 0.80 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0121 Nozzle MS-VA 0.90 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0122 Nozzle MS-VA 1.00 mm 3.0 mm
NKT0123 Nozzle MS-VA 1.20 mm 3.0 mm
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