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Spray nozzle MS WIDE


Advantages and equipment features

Brass spray nozzle MS in the version with 12 bore holes.

  • 90° spraying angle
  • One-piece design, no union nut required
  • Self-sealing, no O-ring required
  • Thread: UNF 1/2" x 20
  • Compatible with Nordson H200CF series


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Tread UNF 1/2
Diameter 0.2 - 2.0 mm

Application Areas

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The brass spray nozzle MS WIDE has 12 bore holes and a spraying angle of 90°.

Due to the one-piece design, no union nut is required. The nozzle is self-sealing. It is not necessary to use an extra O-ring.

The MS WIDE spray nozzle is available with different spraying angles.

Article-No. Ref. No. Designation
NKT0141   Spray Nozzle MS 0,20 mm (WIDE)
NKT0143   Spray Nozzle MS 0,25 mm (WIDE)
NKT0145   Spray Nozzle MS 0,30 mm (WIDE)
NKT0147   Spray Nozzle MS 0,35 mm (WIDE)
NKT0149   Spray Nozzle MS 0,40 mm (WIDE)
NKT0151   Spray Nozzle MS 0,45 mm (WIDE)
NKT0153   Spray Nozzle MS 0,50 mm (WIDE)
NKT0155   Spray Nozzle MS 0,55 mm (WIDE)
NKT0157   Spray Nozzle MS 0,60 mm (WIDE)
NKT0159   Spray Nozzle MS 0,70 mm (WIDE)
NKT0161   Spray Nozzle MS 0,80 mm (WIDE)
NKT0164   Spray Nozzle MS 1,00 mm (WIDE)
NKT0166   Spray Nozzle MS 1,20 mm (WIDE)
NKT0168   Spray Nozzle MS 1,50 mm (WIDE)
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