Step by step: Replacing the nozzle needle on the BÜHNEN handheld device HB 910 Bead

If the handgun drips, this is often a sign that the nozzle no longer closes properly due to old adhesive deposits. It is then time for a service. 

Our maintenance video walks you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Preparation

Before you start the actual replacement, heat the handheld device to 100°-110° C. This will make the process much easier. Wear heatproof gloves to protect yourself from possible burns. The hose should be removed after warming up.

Step 2: Prepare tools

Make sure that you have the necessary tools on hand. You will need an 11 mm / M7 open-end wrench, a 22 mm / M14 socket wrench and two Phillips screwdrivers. A cordless screwdriver can be used as an option.

Step 3: Dismantling the grip plate

Detach the nozzle (item no. FD0243) from the nozzle holder  (item no. MDM0098) and remove the 7 screws from the  grip plates.

Take off the grip plate cover and remove the main body consisting of  the nozzle head (item no. H105421) and heating cylinder (item no. H105422).

 If necessary, clean the main body.

Schritt 4: Dismantling the pull needle and the trigger lever

Loosen the countered sleeves of the pull needle and dismantle the trigger lever.  Remove the old nozzle holder.

Step 5: Remove the old nozzle needle

The old nozzle needle can now be removed. Take the time to do this carefully and precisely.

Step 6: Assembly with new nozzle needle and nozzle holder

Insert the new nozzle needle (item no. MDM0103) and nozzle holder. Tighten the nozzle holder firmly and install the sleeve. Attach the trigger lever to the nozzle needle and  briefly counter the sleeves.

Step 7: Insert the main body and tighten the screws

Place the main body into the front grip plate. Make sure that there is 5 mm play on the lever. Tighten the 7 screws again and check that the screws are tight.

Step 8: Attach the nozzle to the new nozzle holder

Screw the nozzle onto the new nozzle holder.

After these steps, the replacement of the nozzle needle on the BÜHNEN handheld device HB 910 Bead should be successfully completed.

Service tip:

If you have to do it quickly – the entire nozzle head (item no. H105421) including the nozzle needle can easily be replaced without heating. This saves time and minimises cleaning effort.

If you feel unsure about the repair, we offer on-site service or you can send us the defective handgun to our workshop for repair.

Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure the longevity of your device.