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HB 6100 - connect

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HB 6000 Touchscreen8

Advantages and equipment features

  • High melting capacity of 6 kg/h - 11 kg/h
  • Simple Installation and operation
  • An extensive range of series-related equipment
  • Compatible with Nordson
  • Compact dimensions


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Dimensions 671 x 341 x 481 mm
Weight 45.7 kg
Operating Voltage 3/N/PE 400 V
Hose connection 1 - 6
Melting capacity up to 13.5 kg /h
Pump system 1 piston pump
Delivery rate of pump 30 kg/h
Usable tank volume 10 liters
Hot-melt adhesives EVA, PO, PSA

Application Areas

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It’s all a matter of setting: Maximum compatibility.

The equipment of the HB 6000 connect offers a wide range of options for integration into existing production lines. Thanks to the clear touchscreen, the technology of the system is easy to operate. The latest generation is prepared for the 4.0 industry: MODBUS,RTU, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ETHERNET-IP are optionally available for communication.

The advantages

The HB 6000 connect is systematically geared towards efficiency. Compared to other systems, this generation impresses with an energy saving of 60 %. This is achieved by means of the well thought-out insulation of all heated components and the processed Cool-Touch casing.

Safety and ease of maintenance were the top priorities in the development. All assemblies can be accessed in just a few simple steps. The removable side panels simplify service and installation work. The large tank lid can be opened completely and makes refilling and cleaning of the system easier.

The 6000 series heats the adhesive gently and sequentially. This improves the quality of the adhesive application and increases the service life of the system. The structure of the tank ensures that the temperature is uniform. There are no overheated areas in the tank where the adhesive can burn. This protects the adhesive and reduces production downtime due to clogged nozzles.

  • High melting capacity of 6 kg/h - 11 kg/h
  •  Simple Installation and operation
  •  An extensive range of series-related equipment
  •  Compatible with Nordson
  •  Compact dimensions
  •  Intuitive operation of temperature controller
  •  Up to 6 heated hoses can be connected
  •  A choice of Ni120 or PT100 sensors
  •  The delivery volume of the piston pump is individually adjustable
  •  A choice of 2 different piston pump sizes
  •  Low maintenance intervals
  •  Very good access to all structural components
Typ Fühler Anzahl Anschlüsse
HB 6100 - 2 connect PT100 zwei
HB 6100 - 2 connect Ni120 zwei
HB 6100 - 2 connect NTC zwei
HB 6100 - 6 connect PT100 bis zu sechs
HB 6100 - 6 connect Ni120 bis zu sechs
HB 6100 - 6 connect NTC bis zu sechs
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