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HB 720 K Spray


Benefits and Features

The HB 720 K can be used to process reactive hot melt adhesive, such as PUR or POR in the form of aluminium cartridges.

  • For bead, dot and surface application
  • One-hand bayonet lock
  • Automatic temperature-lowering mechanism for economical energy consumption
  • Very high melting capacity


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Application Areas

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  • Hot melt applicator with electronic temperature control and automatic lowering
  • Fill level indicator
  • Very high melting capacity
  • Incl. cone nozzle standard Ø 1.5 mm
  • Microprocessor-controlled, infinitely adjustable temperature control +/- 1 °C
  • One-hand bayonet lock for optimal ease of use
  • Ergonomically-shaped handle for fatigue-free working
  • Automatic temperature-lowering mechanism for economic energy consumption on the one hand and protection of the hot melt adhesive on the other
  • Temperature control with digital display  integrated in the handle




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