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Pressure-sensitive adhesive D1544.1

Advantages and equipment features

Pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive for fixing and assembly in many branches of industry, for example bonding insulation material onto supporting materials, fixation of insulation materials and for upholstered furniture.

  • Very good sprayability
  • Universal for instant gluing / inline gluing processes
  • High oxidation stability
  • Low temperature


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Adhesive basis Thermoplastic rubber
Processing temperature 120 - 180 °C
Delivery Forms Pillows

Application Areas

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Note: Slight colour variations can occur with adhesives, depending on the raw materials and processes used.

This adhesive is characterised by a rapid cohesion build-up.

It demonstrates very good adhesive properties to paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, foam, glass, ceramics, metals and many plastics, such as ABS, PS, PE, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, PETP, PA and POM.

The raw materials used comply with FDA guidelines 175.105 for the outer packaging of food.


Type Basis Delivery form Suitable application techniques
D61544.1 Thermoplastic rubber Pillows Pneumatic glue guns, melting appliances
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