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Pressure-sensitive adhesive D3043 LT


Advantages and equipment features

Universally applicable pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive for fixing and assembly in many branches of industry. Particularly well suited for applications in the low temperature range.

  • Good adhesion for assembly applications
  • Good adhesion properties, e.g. PE film
  • Barely visible glue joint
  • For temperature-sensitive surfaces
  • Resource-saving


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Adhesive basis Thermoplastic rubber
Delivery Forms 0.7 kg Meltpack
Processing temperature 120 - 160 °C
Sprayable Yes

Application Areas

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Note: Slight colour fluctuations can occur with adhesives, depending on the raw materials and processes used.  

This adhesion is characterised by good cohesion and is suitable for assembly applications. The good adhesion properties enable the bonding of low-energy surfaces, such as PE film, over a wide temperature range.

The water-clear / transparent colour of the pressure-sensitive hot-melt adhesive D53043 LT creates a barely visible glue joint.

The low processing temperature enables a significant reduction in energy consumption and thus ensures more resource-saving, more sustainable production.

The raw materials used confirm with FDA guidelines for the outer packaging of food.

Type Basis Delivery form Suitable application technology
D53043 Thermoplastic rubber 0.7 kg Meltpack Melters
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