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Module B400-LL

Advantages and equipment features

The B400-LL module for dot and bead application with fast switching cycles. Available in numerous module versions:

  • Compatible with Nordson H440 series / SolidBlue A
  • Compatible with Robatech
  • Available as high temperature version
  • Available as Zero Cavity version


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Open / Close Air / Air
Nozzle thread 3/8'' UNF

Application Areas

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The B400-LL module is available in versions compatible with the Nordson H440 series or Robatech. In the B550-LL version, the module is compatible with the Nordson SolidBlue A series.

It is suitable for fast switching cycles with a constant application. The narrow tolerance with a matching needle and nozzle assembly prevents the nozzle from clogging and ensures a clean application of adhesive. The module is suitable for dot and bead application.

It is also available as a high temperature version (250 °C).

Further versions are compatible with the Nordson Zero Cavity series, with an integrated needle and nozzle unit. When ordering, please specify the diameter required.  

Article number Description Remarks Compatible with Reference No.
NKT0107 Module B400-LL Standardmodule   Nordson Serie H440 328664
NKT1211 Module B400-LL-HT High temperature version up to 250 °C Nordson  
NKT1175 Module B400-LL-ZC 0,80 Module with integrated needle, bore diameter 0.80 mm, different diameters available Nordson  
NKT1098 Module B550-LL With cut-outs, long version Nordson SolidBlue A  
RKT0477 Module B400-LL-RB   Robatech  
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