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Spray module B34S

Advantages and equipment features

The B34S spray module for hot melt adhesive spray application is supplied with a 0.6 mm spray nozzle.

  • Compatible with Nordson and Meltex EP34S
  • Incl. air nozzle and union nut


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Open / Close Air / Air
Nozzle thread M22 x 1

Application Areas

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The B34S module is used for spray application.

It is delivered with a 0.6 mm material nozzle, including the appropriate air nozzle (NKT0499) and the union nut (NKT0500).

The desired spray pattern can be set using the fine adjustment of the nozzle needle by turning the knurled nut. 

Article number Description Compatible with Reference No.
NKT0375 Spray module B34S incl. material nozzle 0.6 mm Nordson, Meltex EP34S 258052
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