Ni120 – Resistance

Ni120 are components for measuring the temperature on a nickel basis. The resistance changes depending on the temperature. At 0 °C the resistance is 120 ohms.

The resistance develops almost linearly to the measured temperature. Nickel resistances can be calculated in the range from -60 °C to 250 °C according to DIN 43760 using the Callendar–Van Dusen equation.

Ni120 have a more pronounced change in resistance than resistance thermometers made from alloys. For example, nickel is more sensitive than platinum.

The limit deviation in the range below 0 °C is slightly larger than with Pt resistors.

Ni120 Construction

Nickel resistors are almost always provided with insulated cables - at temperatures below 250 °C, usually made of PVC, silicone rubber or PTFE. The measuring parts require a housing or sheathing made of a metal alloy that does not react with the environment to be measured.


Difference of the temperature sensor on the plug

Ni120 at hose

Ni120 at application head

PT100 at hose

PT100 at application head